Stone Play & Pricing

Passionate About Inspiring Others

Stone Play is run by Nathan White - "Climbing is my passion, it has taken me to some amazing places from high altitude alpinism in Alaska to big walling in Yosemite. On these adventures I have gained a wealth of knowledge which I really enjoy sharing with others. I work full time, year round, across the UK as a climbing guide and coach, part of which is as a Senior Instructor at the prestigious Glenmore Lodge (Scottish National Outdoor Training Centre). I live in Aviemore with my family, where I get the wonderful opportunity to introduce my son to an adventurous outdoor lifestyle."  

 "One thing that's vital on expeditions is being with trusted  friends, people who will not falter when your life depends on them. Here at Stone Play I choose my guides like I choose my expedition partners, so if I am not able to guide you myself, you should feel confident that the guide/coach you are climbing with is of great quality and experience." 

We love all the different facets of work we do and feel really privileged to have the opportunity to help develop and inspire so many people in such a variety of ways.

Over the years I have worked hard for any advancement in my chosen disciplines. I know what it is like to be stuck on a plateau, but I also know what it is like to step off that plateau and climb to new heights. So if you’re ready to push to a new level or fulfil a climbing dream allow us to guide you on your journey.


  • Day rate- £300 

  • Hourly rate- £40

We believe we employ some of the best guides and instructors in the UK. Who are specifically picked to work for Stone Play.


It is our expectation as an employer that all our staff sleep with a roof over their head, in a bed and with somewhere to dry equipment! We feel this is paramount to the safety of our clients and staff alike. Unlike other companies we do not expect our employees to doss in their cars. 


(Therefore depending on the Location of the course expenses may be added to the final cost of the course. This will be discussed at point of booking).