Coaching and guiding 

"I offer a totally bespoke experience where together we create an amazing itinerary. whether it's one hour of Climbing techniques, or a week sampling Scotland's best climbs. Have a look below for ideas. otherwise get in touch and we can design a course together."

Bespoke Summer Guiding


£250 p/day

1:2 ratio


Want to sample some of the best rock climbs in the UK? Got aspirations of climbing a certain route? Our goal on this course is to give you exactly that. Whether it is working our way through Ken Wilson's Classic Rock Guide or taking advantage of our knowledge of world class routes. Whatever you choose we aim to deliver an amazing experience.
Depending on your aspirations, we can run this course anywhere you want in the UK.



£30 p/hr or £250 p/day


Want to up your game and improve, but not really sure how to. Can’t make any sense of it all and need a bit of help. Together we will look at the key elements in climbing-technique and tactics, as well as the physical and psychological aspects. We then tailor the coaching specifically for you, your goals and the areas of improvement.

Bespoke Winter Guiding


£250 p/day

1:2 ratio


This service is totally tailored to your aspirations. However if you don't have any specific routes in mind but just want to sample some great winter climbing/mountaineering. Leave it to us to create an unforgettable itinerary.  Our goal on this course is to give you exactly that. Whether it's working our way through Ken Wilson’s Cold Climbs or taking advantage of our knowledge of really great routes. It’s sure to be an adventurous and fun week.


Nathan White

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